About the company​

Multichannels aim is to develop and produce compact brazed heat exchangers, BPHE. Multichannel is the only manufacture in the world that produce heat exchangers were several fluids are conveyed simultaneously in one channel.

​Multichannel has a long experience in developing and production of BPHE in different collaborations. We have also a great knowledge how our BPHE works in reality by testing them as product ready for the end customer. This is done in our very accurate test plant. Of course we share all our knowledge to our partners. Our calculation program is also based on masseurs from our testing and not only on theoretical formulas. 

Contact information

Multichannel AB

Förrådsgatan 3

261 35 Landskrona

Telephone +46 722 32 38 61 

E-mail: info@multichannel.nu

Our test center in Norsholm

Multichannel Test Center

Norsholmsvägen 13

610 21 Norsholm

Tel: +46-(0)-1154150

Who are we, and what can we produce?
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