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In today's world we can just be sure of one thing the world is changing and the demand on heat exchanger producers will just be more and more demanding ,new products, lower cost,higher performance and higher return on capital invested. In this world of demands business models have to be sharpened and refined. 

HeatCalc AB has developed a road model to meet the customers demand and come on top of heat exchanger development and production. 

The model is built on a high degree of flexibility and openness. The road model attacks all bottlenecks such as development,purchase,production, marketing and sales. Through a software that is reachable throughout the world and independent of operating system you can reach your customer and calculate your heat exchanger during the development phase or marketing/sales phase and so can your customer if you allow him. Today we can handle more than 800 fluids and more are added each day. 

No specific models are in the software from the beginning, you yourself specify the geometries of the heat exchanger and fluid used. The software can be used from single flow calculations to condensation with inert gases as in power plant condensers. We can also supply you with production lines if you don't have design departments to take care of that process. For specific areas we have developed concepts of our own where we are looking for representatives. Due to market,volumes and competition the representation can be tailored. You have your freedom to use desktop,laptop,pad or mobile phone any brand and we be there for you. If you would like to be part of that future contact: info@gortz.se​​

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