​Test Center

​Multichannels testcenter is located in Norsholm.

Norsholm is a small village 150 km south of Stockholm close to the highway E4.

The test equipment is extremely professional build up. Multichannel could both develop new products and make tests performance of chillers and heath pumps. The temperature sensors measures 0.01 degree Celsius. ​

The flow will be measured down to 0.01 l/s. Different coolant can be used. The test rig will be opened to customer of Multichannel, to test the performance of their products to a low cost. All Multichannel Compact Chillers 59-60 are tested here and each unit get its own test certificate.

Contact information

Multichannel AB

Förrådsgatan 3

261 35 Landskrona

Telephone +46 708203530

E-mail: info@multichannel.nu

Our test center in Norsholm

Multichannel Test Center

Norsholmsvägen 13

610 21 Norsholm

Tel: +46-(0)-1154150

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