​Our fully brazed heat exchanger is a compact unit that consists of pressed plates. The design of the plates make it possible to use almost the entire heat exchanger surface for heat transfer. The design of the internal channel system not only ensures exceptional mechanical strength but also promotes turbulent flow even at low fluid velocities.

The plates are manufactured from stainless steel and are available in a variety of ‘fishbone patterns’. Pure copper (99.9%) is used as the brazing material to bond consecutive plates that, during assembly, are alternately turned through 180° to create two separate channel systems where the fluid flows in opposite directions. 

The L29, M29 and H29 plate heat exchangers are available with 10 to 100 plates. The L29 is a heat exchanger with low thermal length and low resultant pressure drop. 

The M29 has a medium thermal length and pressure drop, whilst the H29 provides a high thermal length and associated pressure drop.



LC designates is a security system that gives an extra protection of internal leakages. Experience shows that 95% of all leaks are located in close proximity to the flow and return connections. Therefore, the heat exchangers are supplied with a patented ‘safety zone’ surrounding these fittings. DX systems exhibit a heightened risk of freezing around the brine-side connections but the ‘safety zone’ of the LC system minimizes the potential ramifications of failure.

​​Also hydraulic oil applications can result in extensive mechanical and economic collateral damage were they to fail. In such cases the LC system gives an extra protection around the connections.


Our plate heat exchangers have a wide field of application and are suitable for gaseous and liquid mediums.

Typical examples follow:

• Refrigerant systems such as evaporators and condensers
• Heat pumps, district heating and cooling
• Oil coolers and hot gas exchangers
• Industrial heating and cooling processes

• Note: - Brazed plate heat exchangers are not suitable for applications where either of the process fluids may harbor aggressive particles or may corrode or react with the materials of construction, which are copper and stainless steel for these product ranges.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 45 barg

Dimension Sheet

​Manual BPHE 29 -59

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