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​Largest single order of the CCU unit In Sweden

48 pieces CCU units are used for air conditioning.

Total cooling capacity of 1,52 MW produces with only 142 kg of refrigerant.


Number of CCU = 48 stycken                    48 pieces

Total cooling capacity = 1.526 kW            5.207 MBTU

Coolant temperature = 7° / 12°C              45° / 54°F

Coolant flow rate = 73 l/s                          1157 GPM

Warm Fluid temperature = 35° / 41°C       95° / 106°F

Warm Fluid flow rate = 87 l/s                    1379 GPM

Total Refrigerant charge = 142 kg            313 pound

Climate impact:

The direct climate impact from the refrigerant charge only amounts to

80,600 kg of CO2 during its projected life-time (10 years).

This corresponds to approximately 6 cars with an annual mileage of

10,000 km. (6.200 miles)

​Distribution Center Malmö Sweden

Havilog’s new distribution center in Malmö stores and distributes chilled and frozen goods to the McDonald’s restaurants in southern Sweden.

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