The Combined Evaporator and Condenser with a superheating/sub-cooling section.

The EC is a combined evaporator/condenser, with an superheating/sub-cooling section. It is delivered with an ejector system, which guarantees the oil return and provides an optimized distribution through the heat exchanger.The superheating /sub-cooling section, increases the superheating and the sub-cooling, and it gives you a stable evaporation process.The result is a more efficient heat exchanger, with a higher evaporation temperature and more effect from your application. Another advantage is the reduced quantity of refrigerant in the whole system.

Oil, and other particles from the bottom of the heat exchanger, are recirculated back to the ejector, where they are broken down into a finer mist, and re-enter the evaporator.This is a continuing process, which eliminates the oil return problem especially in low temperature applications. It also creates an optimized distribution in the evaporator, with an increased capacity as a consequence.

BPHE - EC59 Evaporator – Superheater – Condenser – Subcooler

The specially devised superheating section will ensure absolutely stable expansion valve control. Moreover, the system is provided with an aftercooler section. For these reason no receiver needs to be installed, unlike conventional plants. In fact, a receiver would be counter productive, as it might lead to the formation of a liquid-gas mixture in the riser channel of the EC, making subcooling doubtful. The operational implications of the new system are truly far-reaching, as the expansion valve is controlled by the superheating section and not, as happens frequently in conventional plants, by the water temperature in the evaporator.

Once the expansion valve has been selected, no pre dispatch single performance tests will be required, since all plants have the same degree of stability. The need for an additional oil separator depends largely on the make of the compressor (i.e.if oil is discharged, and how much). For the EC system as such, no oil separator is required. Another major advantage is in the fact that, with the same number of plates as before, an evaporation temperature with a ΔT of only about 3°K (instead of the former 5°K) in respect of the water (brine) outlet temperature is achieved.

​A reduction of the ΔT by one degree K will translate as an increase of the total thermal output by approx. 5 to 7%, depending on the type of refrigerant. The system has proved particularly efficient in the minus degree range using water-brine mixtures and the new refrigerants with high glide. Here, the EC series shows excellent performance when compared to competitor products in the brazed heat exchanger sector. Furthermore, no segregation occurs thanks to a patented system.


Maximum working pressure 45 bar


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