District Heating BPHE - DH59

The new brazed plate heat exchanger DH-59 is a unit especially designed for district heating system. It’s the first brazed heat exchanger ever, were there are two different media in one and the same channel. This channel is divided into two separate sections i.e. one for radiator heating and the other for domestic hot water heating.

The separation wall between the two media is made up of a special plate pattern and then brazed together tightly with the adjoining plates.

​In the DH-59 there are all the heat exchange devices you need for a substation, i.e. a radiator heater and a two-stage domestic hot water heater. On the district heating side there are two inlets but the outlet is common. This highly innovative design provides enormous advantages. There is for example only need single heat exchanger whereas you normally need three separate units. Obviously, this will make the piping at the site easier, faster and cheaper. And your cabinet or rack can be made much smaller with less weight, cheaper, less transportation costs and much less floor space is needed.


​DH59 Flow Chart

​DH59 Dimension Sheet

​DH59 Certificate

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